About Us

JumpSocially’s mission is to help humanity be more focused and organized by unloading rapetative tasks required to build social media presence.


Choose, Click, Moderate, Decide and Go.

What do we do?


JumpSocially is the easy, flexible and visual way to maintain andĀ organize your social media accounts.


We have to offer a range of social media functionalities that enable you to schedule posts, generate complex reports of social post, search social media channels for niche data, attract attention with custom commenting techniques, reposts or invites.

A brief history of JumpSocially X PastelPad

JumpSocially is a product that was made as the 7 day challenge. This was a challenge that was set by myself to complete. I had a large library of scripts and code that i have gathered over a couple of years and instead of letting them go to waste i have decided to make use of them by combining them and creating a product that a niche could make use of.


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