Facebook App Setup on JumpSocially

To hookup your JumpSocially account using Facebook apps you will need a Facebook App from Facebook's Developer website.
In this article i will guide you step by step on how to do this.

1. Firstly refer to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
and click "+ Add a New App" button on the site
Facebook App Setup on JumpSocially

2. A lightbox pop up will show up which will require your input of data.
Display Name <- this means the name of the app. It can be anything
Contact Email <- from time to time Facebook needs to update you with some review status so type the email you use most commonly.

After you have filled out the required information click "Create App ID" button

3. After you have create a new App, you need to select a new product from the side bar.

4. Search and select the product named "Facebook Login"

5. In the "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" box fill in the following URL: https://www1.jumpsocially.com/tools/f8

Click Save

6. Go to the "Settings" tab in the menu

7. On the buttom of the page click the "+ Add Platform" button

8. An Popup light box should show up with the following options. Select "Website"

9. After that you will be presented with this type of box. Fill it out with the following URL: https://www1.jumpsocially.com/tools/f8

And click "Save Changes"

10. Go to the "App Review" tab in the side bar.

Change the switch on "Make your app public" to Yes

And Confirm it

11. Send your app to Approval to gain full access to your Facebook Data

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